From The Denver Channel…

After a contentious meeting Tuesday afternoon, the Denver City Council’s Finance and Governance Committee voted to advance a carbon tax proposal and a proposed new office dedicated to climate change to the full council.

But the measures – particularly the carbon tax proposal – received intense scrutiny from several of the committee members at the meeting, telling the bill’s supporters and sponsor Council President Jolon Clark that they still had a litany of questions about the stakeholder process, why certain facets had not been included and why the measures had changed since they saw the first drafts last week.

In the end, the committee voted down, 4-3, a motion to table the final committee vote for one week from Councilwoman Robin Kniech, who had said in a final plea: “We are not under a gun with no options.”

But after Clark told the committee that killing the vote to advance on Tuesday would kill any chance of the measure being placed on the 2019 ballot, the committee voted to advance both measures.

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